Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Have you considered attending our ICD-10 Boot Camp while you’re in the Windy City?
Well, maybe you should, because apparently I-10 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! This boot camp will give you the ‘kick in the pants’ you need to be ready from the get-go.
  • Where to Begin – Organizing the Implementation Effort
  • Understanding the Information Technology Impact
  • What Needs to Change – Assessing Other Key Areas of Impact
  • Identifying Documentation Challenges
  • Building Your ICD-10 Action Plan
  • Budgeting for ICD-10
  • Planning Training Approaches and Resources
  • Successfully Measuring Outcomes
  • Introduction to ICD-10 Coding – Crosswalks and Mapping
  • Hands-on Coding Exercises and Documentation Case Studies
  • Templates, Tools, and Resources + Course Manual and ICD-10-CM Book

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