Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AAPC Regional Feud

Show your REGIONAL PRIDE!  Join your NAB and AAPCCA representatives for a rousing game of REGIONAL FEUD on Tuesday at 5pm.  Wear your regional colors proudly and you'll have a chance to be a part of the FEUD team.  Johnny Biscuit will emcee.  SURVEY SAYS this will be a spirited event!

Please take the Regional Feud survey to gather the results for the game!!!!

Don't miss the fun, AAPC Regional Feud is Tuesday, April 3 at 5pm!


  1. Region 4 is ready to show the Green! This is going to be so much fun!

  2. Im thinking Region 6 and Purple myself...

  3. Des Moines, IA Chapter is ready to support Region 7 BLUE, The answer is VEAGS BABY ........
    1st National and so EXCITED!!!