Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mr. Pew's Favorites in Las Vegas

Reed has seen The Beatles LOVE, KA and "O".  Here is what Reed has to say about the shows.  
Reed and his wife Julie at The Beatles LOVE show
"All are Cirque de Soleil shows. "O" is a water show that is amazing;  it is the best show in Vegas.   It’s at the Bellagio.  LOVE is acrobatics set to Beatles music with people flying over your head and around the huge stage and room.  That show is at the Mirage.  Fun, fun, fun.    KA is also acrobatics but on a moving stage that tilts in almost every direction including straight up and down.  It’s unbelievable how the performers don’t fall off it.  It’s at the MGM (the big green hotel) and very good."

Reed's other tidbits that he found while in Vegas recently: 
 "First - there is a ton less smoking in the casino’s than I remember; Second - unless gambling is really fun for you, save your money for shows and restaurants; Third - there are many excellent restaurants along the Strip in Vegas but the cheap ones are almost all gone; Fourth - if you want a Sunday brunch at a hotel along the strip, be prepared to stand in a long line to get in or pay $10 extra for a short line, nonetheless the brunches are all very, very good;  and fifth the weather should be excellent in April and the walk along the strip is surprising short from one big hotel to another.   Take a cab from the Rio to the Strip (less than $10) and then walk to see things – great exercise and does not take long to get where you want to go.   Don’t recommend high heels though." 
See you in Vegas!
Amy, Sandra, Kira and Melanie at The Beatles LOVE show

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